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Directional Advertising

Clark Creative Creates Directional Informational Signage for Award Winning Development in Augusta


Augusta’s Laney Walker/Bethlehem Revitalization Initiative has received a 2013 National Planning Excellence Award from the American Planning Association and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


The International Sign for Clever

The International Sign of Cool

Travel is one of my top passions. It inspires, motivates and provides me with great inspiration for current and future projects we’re working on at the studio. While traveling in The Netherlands and Belgium this fall, I spotted a lot of unique graphic signage. Below are some images I snapped with my iPhone through my favorite app – Instagram. With Instagram, mobile phone users can take and share photographs instantly – and share their stories visually with customers, friends and family.

This sign was next to a residence inside of a convent.

Markets were everywhere – vegetables, meats, flowers, antiques, art and books. The fresh food markets were the most amazing (I’m such a foodie!) – and their signs were small explorations of typographic fun to discover.

Some sort of public awareness campaign…

I love seahorses and diecut signs.

A sign made out of bicycle wheels and old bike parts. Clever!

A directory? On the side of  a building.

The Mannekin Pis is a not so interesting but very popular (in my opinion) attraction in Brussels, Belgium. However, what was fascinating to me were all the costumes, figures and interpretations of the famous statue throughout the city. From chocolate bars, tacky Christmas ornaments, to cartoons painted on the sides of buildings, the little boy relieving himself can be seen at every turn!

- by cari clark phelps

Midnight Garden Ride Logo

The Midnight Garden Ride

The 4th Annual Midnight Garden Ride presented by New Belgium Brewing was a unique Labor Day Weekend event this past September hosted in Savannah, Georgia.

The perfect Labor Day Weekend accompaniment to Savannah Craft Brew Fest and the Savannah Century, nearly 600 turned the streets into a wave of blinking lights, music, and pedal powered fun on the warm Savannah night. The 10-mile ride through historic downtown benefits Savannah Bicycle Campaign’s efforts to build a better Savannah through bicycling.

Clark Creative Communications gladly accepted this opportunity to brand the event with a new logo, event signage, advertising, posters, tshirts and other marketing collateral. The design incorporates a playful theme of a yellow caution street sign with cyclists wearing safety goggles.

A live concert – the Good and Evil Party, co-produced by the Savannah Stopover, started after the ride in Telfair Square. Ponderosa out of Atlanta — recently featured in Paste Magazine and NPR’s All Songs Considered — headlined the concert and This Mountain of Johnson City, TN kicked the night off.

Summer Marketing

Driving Summer Business with Mobile Marketing

If there’s one thing you always have on you—especially during the long days of summer—it’s probably your cell phone. Mobile marketing – that is marketing on your mobile phone (also called SMS, Short Message Service) – can be an extremely powerful tool for reaching clients and customers in this digital era. Through text messages and QR codes, apps and alerts, marketers can drive positive brand recognition and develop vital customer loyalty. But like all effective campaigns, mobile marketing must take into account the season in order to best reach consumers.

With immediate access comes immediate gratification—when done right. Effective summer mobile marketing can be simple (telling your customers about the ice cream sale in August, not December) or complex (including relevant information on Summer weather and UV indexes on your website that just happens to be perfectly optimized for viewing on the iPhone).

Clark Creative has diverse experience with mobile marketing, including a text message and QR code program for Savannah Mall. Campaigns like these are a fantastic way to reach clients instantly, driving summer business when you need it most.


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign


Our client Goose Feathers Café is celebrating 26 years as Savannah’s Quintessential Café in a really big way. A billboard on Drayton and Maupas was created by our design team. While we hope the Goose Feathers ad will capture your attention the next time you drive up Drayton, please drive safely. We don’t want to hear about any feathers flying.



Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign


Last month I visited New Orlean’s for Jazz Fest 2012. Not only did the music inspire me, so did the graphic signage found all over the city. It provided me with an opportunity to test drive my recent Instagram app. With Instagram, iPhone and Android mobile phone users can take and share photographs instantly. It’s a snap! Here are some of my favorite pics from The Big Easy.


March + April High Five and If Pets Had Thumbs Day feature

National High Five Day


What better way to celebrate National High Five Day than to showcase our country’s most high-profile high-fiver? Let’s give it up for President Barack Obama and his unique style. Give your friends or co-workers a hand this week.





Time for a Marketing Check-up!

We don’t think twice about getting check-ups for our bodies, cars, and air conditioners, but when is the last time you had a marketing check-up? It’s always smart to check in routinely and review your business tools and message for attracting new business, and the end of the year is a great time to do it. Consider having your marketing reviewed – not only by your peers and internally – but also by a design professional (yes, like Clark Creative). As technology changes, so does media and the different ways to approach your audience. Here are a few checkpoints to get you started. Read more >>

Clark Creative Expands Legal Marketing Services


Clark Creative of Savannah has widened its marketing services for attorneys and law firms with the addition of an experienced legal marketer.

“Over the years we have worked with law firms across Georgia on their logos, websites and printed materials,” said Cari Clark Phelps, Creative Director. “The number of avenues for legal marketing has steadily increased and now we are able to offer marketing support for each of them.” Read more >>

The Finishing “Touch”: Overlooked and Neglected Touch Points

This post is fourth in a series of articles for Business in Savannah. The article appears in the July 27 issue of BiS.

‘Touch point’ is a bit of a marketing buzzword, but it has become one by being an accurate description of an important concept. Touch points are every contact that you have with your customers (and potential customers). Every business card, blog post, social media interaction, billboard or email newsletter is a touch point. Most of us are careful that each of these touch points are well branded and appropriately messaged, but what about the less prominent touch points?

Invisible branding

Every time someone exchanges voice or email messages with you, they are coming into contact with your brand. You’ve worked hard to get customers to contact you-when they do, what is their experience? Here are a few quick questions to check in on your own invisible branding:

  • How are phones answered by your employees? Do you have a policy of what should be said, how messages should be taken and how messages are delivered?
  • What does a caller hear while on hold?
  • When they get voice mail on your business or cell phone, what outgoing message do they hear?
  • When you send an email, what does your signature contain? Is your logo present? Your tag line? Does each employee’s email signature have the same content, formatted in the same way?

Environmental Branding

Your customer (or potential customer) has come to the doorstep of your office or retail location. They have gotten a feel for your business by what they have seen in your advertising, print collateral, website and exterior signage. Now that they cross your threshold, does the brand experience continue? Many retail locations incorporate the colors and feel of their logo in the shop, but it does not need to end there.

  • What about internal signage? Are your ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ signs branded? What about sale, promotional, layaway, or even directional signs?
  • Are your employees easily identified by what they are wearing? If uniforms or branded tees aren’t appropriate, what about color?
  • Does your office entryway have a sign?
  • What about signs for each office – are they in your company font and colors?
Satin Ross of Goosefeathers heads out for a delivery (photo Richard Burkhart, courtesy Business in Savannah)

Satin Ross of Goosefeathers heads out for a delivery (photo Richard Burkhart, courtesy Business in Savannah)

Customizing the experience

How do consumers experience the unique aspects of your business? Goosefeathers Café offers delivery of breakfast and lunch orders in the downtown area. By incorporating the “The Goose is Loose!” on their delivery bike, café owners Beth and Michael Meeks reinforce their brand with a memorable message, let consumers know that they deliver, and have some fun with things in the process (more branding). As this touch point moves through downtown, each person who sees it is reminded of the cafe, the Goose, and the delivery option. How will consumers remember your brand?

Get More ROI from your Marketing

You’ve probably invested a good deal of time and money in your branding and marketing; it is time well spent to leverage that investment by applying it to less obvious touch points.

The Goose is Loose in Savannah!  (photo Richard Burkhart, courtesy Business in Savannah)

The Goose is Loose in Savannah! (photo Richard Burkhart, courtesy Business in Savannah)

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